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Building Wires

Building Wires - for the safety of buildings, Rajdoot Cables offers, Rajdoot FR (Fire Retardant) PVC Insulated Building Wires. The Wires of the company are insulated with a FR – Fire Retardant PVC Compound, specially formulated by a company of our Group. These insulated properties of our Building Wires restrict the spread of fire and thus provide added security to the buildings. The other salient features of our Building Wires comprises On-line wire drawing and annealing, High speed extruders (up to 500 meters per minute), Coextruded  PVC insulation for better insulation and electrical properties, Automatic on-line critical diameter control and Stringent quality control.  The Building Wires and Cables are available in various specifications as per the necessity of the customers.Rajdoot cables is one of the leading company among Building Wires and Cables Manufacturer.